The care and attention your classic car deserves

The mechanics of an authentic classic car require the right knowhow and expertise in maintenance and restoration in order keep the car in the condition it deserves, or to get it there. This can only be achieved if the car is handled with at least the same amount of passion, feeling and respect for material as at the time when the car went into production.

The professionalism you are looking for

Brooks Classics has the knowhow, expertise, passion, feeling and respect to ensure that the timeless character of oldtimers and youngtimers will live forever. We have the professionalism you, as a seasoned classic car lover, are looking for.

Small maintenance as well as large scale restoration projects

Whether it concerns periodic, interim, large or small maintenance, or small or large scale restoration works, Brooks Classics can deal with this with diligence and attention to the last detail. Thereby we take care of both the cosmetic as well as the technical part of the job. Engine, suspension, chassis, bodywork, upholstery, you name it, we will do it.

Everlasting love

Our experts have lost their hearts to classic cars. Now we look forward to the moment that the same happens to you in our showroom. Only then Brooks Classics has completed its mission.

Workshop tariffs

Classic cars (up to and including 1989 € 69.95 per hour excl. BTW
Youngtimers (from 1990) € 79,95 per hour excl. BTW