A world-class sales approach

Brooks Classics buys from and sells to owners all over the world. This requires a diligent approach.


For our clients, the history of an old-timer or young-timer is one of the most important motives to purchase a car. Therefore we research the historic background of a classic car very thoroughly. The story behind the car is, after all, what makes each classic car unique, irrespective of design, technology and age or of how many were built in the past.


Apart from the history also the condition of a classic car has a great influence on its value. Our experts can describe the exact condition of a car down to the smallest detail, so that you will not have any unpleasant surprises after buying it.

Experienced appraisers evaluate each masterpiece in detail and accurately. Thereby we pay attention to authenticity, current condition – both visual and technical – as well as maintenance and the verifiable history of the car.

All conclusions are recorded in a comprehensive appraisal report in good conscience: this document is from then on inseparably linked to that specific car and can be consulted by an interested party at any time.

Valuation, Consultancy and Consignment

Brooks Classics exclusively offers owners of one or more classic cars the option to obtain such an appraisal report, which will include advice regarding any potential repair and restoration work as well as a well-founded valuation. Consignation is also a service we offer. For more information please contact our sales team.