A smooth ride guaranteed

With a broad range of lubricants exclusively selected for the classic cars of today Brooks Classics is determined to offer only the best, because it is the only thing that matters if you really love your hobby.


The unmuffled sound of pistons moving up and down and motivated horsepower, the distinctive mechanical click of the gear wheels interlocking with each other at the right moment when gears are shifted sensitively. The overwhelming smell of unburned petrol and recently changed lubricants lavishly running through the engine block. As car aficionados we want each drive to go as smoothly as possible.

Additives tailored especially for the character of your classic car

We make all this possible with a carefully selected range of products. Why is this so important? A high quality oil or lubricant has the right additives tailored to the specific character of your classic car. We give advice on the fluent that should be used in order to maximize the car´s technical performance during each ride.

Pure and intense driving experience

Furthermore, by using the right lubricant damage can be avoided and the levels of efficiency and performance will correspond as much as possible with the ones specified by the manufacturer. That way driving your classic dream car will stay the way it is supposed to be: pure, with nothing to worry about and just as intense as when the car clocked its first miles long ago.

Choosing the right product ensures a longer life-span

And lastly, the life-span of all parts that are moving will be significantly prolonged so that the costs made for appropriate oils or lubricants are earned back within a short period of time. And therefore, without any restraints, you can enjoy the special driving experience your classic car brings about. You would like to know more? Download the brochure or contact one of our experts for tailored advice.