Modern lifestyle with a classic appearance

Anyone who enjoys driving in style probably also wants to be stylish and will use stylish clothes, gadgets and accessories, all to be found among the official merchandise and lifestyle products of Brooks Classics. This way you can be sure that you always are going through life in style, whether you own a classic car or not. Whether you are young or old.

Official supplier of original Jaguar Land Rover branded goods

The Brooks Classics’ merchandise has a wide range of diversified products for both great as well as moderate car enthusiasts. We are an official supplier of Jaguar Land Rover branded goods, high quality products developed and made in cooperation with external parties, often renowned brands from the fashion industry. Needless to say that all articles carry the famous Jaguar or Land Rover logos or badges.

The heritage collection a reference to iconic cars

The so called “brand licensed” articles of famous British top brands range from all kinds of cloths in different sizes to detailed scale models, the latter especially meant for who thinks big but is not yet ready for the “real thing”. The selection also includes key rings, sunglasses, mugs, USB-sticks, pens, watches and phone cases with as highlight the Heritage collection. This line of merchandise bears a reference to legendary car models from the past and includes beautiful products with the right “classy” details and an equally classy look and feel.

Barbour for Land Rover

The above mentioned Branded Goods are not to be mixed up with the merchandise articles produced in partnerships Jaguar Land Rover has entered with famous names like Barbour which led to the development of the exclusive collection “Barbour for Land Rover”. This too, next to many other products, is available at Brooks Classics. If you click on the article you will get more information. You can certainly also contact our Merchandise & Lifestyle department for further questions.