Brooks Classics: where heritage and contemporary quality meet

Since 2017, Brooks Classics is part of the Broekhuis Holding, an originally Dutch family-owned company established in 1932. Broekhuis is one of the five largest dealer-holdings in The Netherlands and represents well-known car brands like Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, Volvo and Ford. Broekhuis has branches throughout the country and is known for a high standard of quality not only in its products but also in its services.

The heart for classic cars in the right place

Brooks Classics is by far the most specialised part of the Broekhuis Holding. Our skilled/experienced and passionate team comprises of genuine craftsmen and enthusiastic professionals with – when it comes to classic cars – their heart at the right place. We all strive to give you a historic experience, to make long cherished dreams come true and to add another page to the legendary stories from the old days.

Our focus is your passion

At Brooks Classics your passion is at the centre of our attention. Everything revolves around the appreciation of the most beautiful creations, the most characteristic technologies and the most attractive masterpieces in the rich automotive history, regardless of the year of manufacture, history or the land of origin. Every classic car enthusiast, collector or investor is welcome.

Drawn to Britain and Italy

We will never ever be able to deny that we have a particular weakness for the elegant charms of the British gentleman and the enchanting style of Italian aesthetics. After all, you are a car enthusiast or you are not. Considering the background and the knowhow of our employees, the in-house knowledge of this type of cars is also the most comprehensive. An ideal combination.

Exclusive range of classic cars

In our carefully chosen, exclusive selection of classic cars you will mainly find leading brands like Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Jensen, Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Lancia. They are one by one very desirable cars, which are praised for their distinctive character, original design and pure technology. True masterpieces many people dream of.

Looking for your dream car?

Is your favourite classic car not in our selection? Please let us know. Who knows, maybe a tip will sooner or later lead us to the ultimate barn find. Until then we will continue to search actively and our team will do everything to make your dream (car) come true.


Geert-Jan Tax

They also call him Mr Jaguar 2.0. The director of Brooks Classics, Geert-Jan Tax, has a strong passion for and truckloads of experience with exceptional cars ranging from legendary Ferraris to the unconventional Fisker and the charismatic Aston Martin. Progressive or traditional, as long as Geert-Jan has the right feeling about a car, he like no other can convey the unique experience behind it. Already more than 20 years.

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Rens Vaartjes
Chief Technician

Rens Vaartjes is a man who has petrol running through his veins. This seasoned Chief Technician runs the technical division both for Brooks Classics and Jaguar Land Rover Broekhuis Utrecht. Rens not only has an exceptional amount but also an extremely broad knowledge of automotive technology. For more than a decade he has been dealing with the prestigious technologies of the most beautiful car brands, new and old.

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Niels van Veenendaal
Classic Parts Manager

Niels van Veenendaal is responsible for the most beautiful spare parts at Brooks Classics. This enthusiastic expert really knows all the ins and outs when it comes to the supply of components for both the optical and mechanical maintenance of classic cars. In addition he knows everything about our classic merchandising articles.

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Ruurt Georg
Sales Representative

Ruurt Georg will ensure that everything looks as good as possible in order to be able to guide you through the purchasing process of the most special cars. This perfectionist will present the classic car with a deep knowledge of the product.

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Leander Stocker
Sales Representative

Leander Stocker will assist everybody with utmost passion in the unique purchasing processes of the most beautiful classic cars. He likes to share with you as car enthusiast all details about the most beautiful cars available.

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