Price SOLD
Year of manufacture 1987
Mileage 157.116 km
VAT Not refundable
Body style SUV
Exterior Colour Astral Silver
Interior Colour  Grey
Engine 3.5 litre, V8
Engine power 169 HP / 120 kW
Transmission Manual
Fuel Petrol


• Both visually and technically in very good condition
• Complete service documentation existing
• Great 3.5 V8 with 4WD
• Completely original, imported from Switzerland

The Range Rover is a classic concept, unique in every aspect. It succeeded in collecting a large group of faithful supporters who then, in large numbers, stepped into the models of each new generation. It is a luxury car with exceptional capabilities, a spacious car with the best off-road capabilities. A car that together with the driver is able to cope with any challenge. The sturdy but classy exterior is no drawback to the luxurious interior. Since the beginning the Range Rover was renowned for its luxurious finishing and its abundant technical equipment, until then no other brand could deliver a car like that. Whether you are driving on the highway to a business meeting or whether you enjoy driving to places where other people cannot come, the Range Rover will fulfil its task perfectly.

As Land Rover puts it. “Luxury need not to stop where adventure begins.”

Since its unveiling the Range Rover has evolved over the years. Step by step the car has changed into what it is now. The first prototype of the Range Rover was called “Velar” which was derived from the Italian word “velare” meaning “to veil” and “to cover”. The official production of the Range Rover started not earlier than 1970. It was a three-door SUV with the best off-road capabilities and the luxury of a limousine. The combination of off-road capability and luxury was subject to quite some criticism in the press. By now the longstanding success of the car shows that this criticism had not been justified. A five-door model, which was much more practical for the passengers in the rear, was added only in 1981. Today’s Range Rover still has the same exterior characteristics as the first one. The successful concept appealed to more and more people, all the more reason never to change it.

This Range Rover

This Range Rover was originally delivered in Switzerland and is in unique condition. In March 2013 the car received its Dutch license plate. Its mileage can be verified through the meanwhile classic maintenance booklet, which is available and duly stamped. For the more recent maintenance works all receipts are available. Both the visual as well as the technical condition prove that the car is in an excellent condition.

The Range Rover is fitted with a 3.5 V8 petrol engine with a manual 5-speed transmission. With 146 HP the car has enough engine power to prove its capability in every terrain. The good visual condition can also been seen in the finish. The combination of the colour silver-grey with the grey textile interior is in line with the luxurious but also practical character of the car.

Maintenance History

1987 maintenance service at 1,710 km
1988 CO2 emission test at 9,794 km
1989 CO2 emission test at 15,452 km
1990 CO2 emission test at 19,838 km
1991 CO2 emission test at 21,435 km
1992 maintenance service at 29,747 km
1993 maintenance service at 40,530 km
1994 maintenance service at 54,441 km
1996 maintenance service at 64,405 km
1997 maintenance service at 76,276 km
1998 maintenance service at 86,295 km
1999 maintenance service at 96,885 km
2000 maintenance service at 99,706 km
2002 maintenance service at 106,949 km
2003 maintenance service at 117,139 km
2005 maintenance service at 121,342 km
2006 maintenance service at 122,315 km
2008 maintenance service at 134,440 km
2013 maintenance service in The Netherlands at 137,465 km
2014 APK (Dutch version of the MOT)
2015 APK (Dutch version of the MOT)
2016 maintenance service at 146.507 km
2017 APK (Dutch version of the MOT)
2018 Complete technical inspection and maintenance service executed by Brooks Classics at 149,409 km

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