Price SOLD
Year of manufacture 1997
Mileage 41.845 mls
VAT refundable
Body style Coupé
Exterior colour Arena Red
Interior colour  Cashmere
Engine 3.6 litre, 6-cylinder boxer engine
Engine power 286 hp / 210 kW
Transmission Manual
Fuel Petrol

1997 PORSCHE 911 CARRERA 4S 993

• Sporty and powerful ‘4S’ version
• Both visually and technically in a very good state
• First registered in the United States
• Fantastic colour combination Arena Red and Cashmere

A rich history

By now the 911 has become a legend. Porsche launched this sports car in 1963 and it has turned out to be timeless. The model has been through many revolutionary and gradual developments. Its history starts in the 1930s, when Ferdinand Porsche for the first time sketched a NSU sports car with a 4-cylinder boxer engine in the back. This design, with the engine at the rear end, is the initial concept of the first 911. But before the introduction of the 911, Porsche launched the 356 in 1947, a two-seater sports car with a mid engine.

In 1959 it was decided to build a successor to the 356. The grandson of Ferdinand Porsche designed this new sports car, the pilot model 754 T7, a 2+2 showing already a number of features of the later 901. The pilot model was rejected and, eventually, the before mentioned two-seater 901 went into production. It was Peugeot that in the end made sure that the name 901 was changed into 911. They complained about the 0 in the middle of the model number since that is how all Peugeot models are labelled.

In 1963 the first 911 finally came on the market. Under its bonnet – at the rear end of the car – was a 6-cylinder boxer engine with an overhead camshaft and a cylinder volume of 2 litres. However, an increase of the cylinder capacity, to 2.7 litres, was taken into account right from the start. The 911 became a big success after its introduction. The driving characteristics of the car in particular made drivers happy. Its manoeuvrability in combination with the good performance made driving the 911 a great pleasure. This goes for all generations, from the very first to the most current one.

This specific car

The 911 offered for sale at Brooks Classics belongs to the 993 generation, which was built between 1993 and 1998. The round fenders in the back, ellipsoid shaped headlights, elegantly integrated bumpers and the pop-up spoiler on the bonnet, they all were new and typical features of this generation of the 911. Underneath the bonnet is a modernised version of the well-known air-cooled 3.6l boxer-engine. In this particular car the engine produces 286 HP, enough power for the car to deliver exceptional performance. Especially the road holding is, at that time, unmatched. The driver can push the 911 to the limit; particularly on the most winding roads the car will be in its element. A drive through the German Eifel is therefore a real treat.

This specific car is a ‘4S’ version. The ‘4’ refers to the 4-wheel drive and ‘S’ indicates the extra powerful engine. This and the manual transmission make this car a real sports car. A glance at the 911 alone will encourage you to drive sporty. Especially the 4-wheel drive ensures that the car has a lot of grip in every curve. The short gear stick glides smoothly into the different gears while the boxer-engine roars wonderfully in the background.

This 911 was first registered in Greenboro in the US-state of Ontario and always serviced by an official dealer there. In 2017 the car was shipped to The Netherlands. After driving plenty of miles and being well serviced in The Netherlands it became part of the historic community at Brooks Classics. The fantastic colour combination of Arena Red metallic with a Cashmere interior makes this 911 a magnificent car. The car is in a very good condition and a comprehensive documentation about its history is of course available. This 993 is maybe the most attractive generation of a never-ending legend.

Porsche Exclusive Options

Arena Red Metallic
Cashmere/Black-Partial Leather
Porsche Floor Mats-Cashmere
AM/FM Radio Casette Player
Digital Sound Package With 490 P39
Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes X54
Head Restraint W/Porsche Crest Z53
Motor Sound Package 159
Rear Window Wiper 425
Full Power Seat-Left
Wheel Caps W/Colored Crest XD4
Infra Red Security System
Remote “CD” Changer (6 Disc) 692

We would like to invite you to get to know this extremely beautiful Porsche and the fantastic driving experience it offers. Please make an appointment with Ruurt Georg, e-mail, telephone number 0031 30 8507500

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