Price SOLD
Year of manufacture 1994
Mileage 25,400 km
VAT Not refundable
Body style Roadster
Exterior Colour Connaught Green
Interior Colour Black leather
Motortype 1,796 cc, 4 cylinder 
Vermogen 127 hp/ 93 kW
Transmissie 5-speed manual
Brandstof Petrol

1994 MORGAN 4/4

  • Very low mileage
  • First delivery in The Netherlands
  • Very good technical and cosmetic condition
  • Original Ford Zetec 1.8 litre fuel injection engine with 16 valves

Morgan is one of those brands where history always lives on. Since 1936 the various models of Morgan have changed only to a very small degree. Morgan not only held on to the classic design, the traditional techniques used constructing this car have hardly changed over the years either. The old-fashioned character of this very special British brand has eventually become its trademark. No other car offers the same driving experience or has the same charm as the Morgan. A large group of enthusiasts who truly appreciated the old-fashioned concept ensured that this brand unlike many other small British sport car manufacturers managed to survive.

The 4/4 has been part of Morgan’s product range since 1936. Over the years the look of the car has not been changed, the engine, however, has been modernised, which was necessary mainly in order to meet the newest emission-standards. Some small changes have also been made in order to improve the safety of the passengers. In April 1993 the 4/4 got a Ford Zetec engine with 16 valves which – thanks to its higher capacity and the electronic fuel injection – provided a superior performance. The quality of the car’s interior also continually improved because, for example, beautifully processed leather was used. With this the car’s character changed from a straight sports car to a luxurious collectors item.

The Morgan 4/4 has always been a great driver’s car. This specific Morgan has the engine in the front. Thanks to a weight of only 900 kg the car accelerates to 100 km/h in 8.7 seconds. This is a fantastic performance for a car that in the basis dates back to 1936. Driving with the top down is of course the best. Hearing the fine sound of the engine and feeling the wind in your hair – that is the ultimate driving experience. Driving with the top up is enjoyable as well; there is enough headroom to sit comfortably. This Morgan offered for sale by Brooks Classics has recently had a full technical service and is therefore in an excellent condition and ready to enjoy the summer with. It is also a beauty to look at. The condition of the car clearly shows that it has not been driven much and has always been well maintained.

We would like to invite you to have a closer look at this delightful and special Morgan 4/4. Please make an appointment with Geert-Jan Tax, under the telephone number 0031 30 8507500 or send an email to

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