Year of manufacture 1972
Mileage 87,000 mls
VAT Not refundable
Body style Coupé
Exterior Colour Glacier White
Interior Colour Navy
Engine 3.5 litre, V8
Engine power 155 hp
Transmission Manual 4-speed + overdrive
Fuel Petrol

1972 MG MGB V8 Prototype

• Unique factory prototype
• Whole history and documentation available
• Completely original
• Excellent technical condition

With due pride, Brooks Classics offers this unique MGB for sale, a car that forms an important chapter in the history of this great brand.

For a long time the MGB was the world’s most popular sports car. The original and simple concept of a rear-wheel drive roadster with simple and reliable technology combined with great styling lead to more than 500,000 cars being sold worldwide. These sales figures could not be achieved again until in the 1990s the MAZDA MX5 came on the market.

However, the standard MGB had its shortcomings; in particular on the 1,8 litre 4-cylinder engine time took its toll, and with ever-more stringent environmental requirements the engine’s actual power output decreased. The 6-cylinder MGC was no great alternative either because the engine block was too heavy. The introduction of the new Rover aluminium V8 engine provided the perfect opportunity to take the MGB’s performance to a whole new level. Tuners like Ken Costello immediately started to convert existing MGBs and, before long, MG decided that they could not stay behind and started to develop the MGB V8.

In 1972 a total of 6 prototypes were built; 2 left-hand drive and 4 right-hand drive. The car we offer, with chassis number GD2D1-96G and the registration number MMO299L is the third right-hand drive prototype. The car was used for high-speed tests on the continent and did not get the V8 badges in order to prevent the press from getting wind of the then secret development of the car. Since it is a prototype, this unique MG differs from a normal production car in many ways. All these original features have been extensively documented and along with the original factory registration number MMO 229L are still present on the car.

When the V8’s active live as a prototype ended, Robert Ward, the factory manager, bought it for his son Norman, who kept it 32 years and then sold it to Clive Wagerfield, an MG fan, who owned it 10 years and then sold it to a car aficionado. During this period MG experts have carefully restored the car to an excellent condition without compromising its authenticity.

This unique and fit for use MG is a real collector’s item; very welcome at international competitions but thanks to its fantastic performance and the reliable technology also perfectly suited for the most beautiful tours through Europe. A perfect car for enthusiasts – men and women with style!

We would like to invite you to get to know this unique MG. Please make an appointment with Geer-Jan Tax, e-mail, telephone number 0031 30 8507500

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