Price  € 84,900.-
Year of manufacture  1959
Mileage  79,944 mi
VAT  Not refundable 
Body style Roadster
Colour Old English White
Interior Red leather
Engine  1.622 cc, 4-cylinder 
Engine power 108 bhp
Transmission 4-speed manual
Fuel Petrol


• 52 years owned by the family of its first owner
• Matching numbers, complete history with a very comprehensive dossier
• Limited production of MG-A’s fitted with 1.622 cc Twin-Cam engine
• SCCA racer, body with genuine patina is in a neat unrestored condition
• Street-legal, registered in The Netherlands

The story of MG-A

The MG-A was launched in 1955. Its streamlined body was directly derived from the MG TD Le Mans car and was an enormous improvement compared to its predecessor the classic TF. In the first years the MG-A was fitted with a 1.488 cc engine delivering 68 hp. In 1958 MG introduced its top model Twin-Cam, a top-of-the-range high-performance sportscar that demanded respect from friend and foe. It was the car among gentlemen coureurs. The engine with its Aluminium cylinder head with double overhead camshafts delivered no less than 108 bhp. The Twin-Cam was fitted with four Dunlop disc brakes and steel rims with knock-off central wheel nuts that were also used for Jaguar’s competition models. Because of its powerful engine the Twin-Cam achieved top speeds of no less than 185 km/h.

“The car of my life” – the Twin-Cam of major Watry

There are only few cars with a life story comparable to the one of this MG-A Twin-Cam roadster. In November 1958 the American car magazine Road & Track published the test report of the MG-A Twin-Cam, which had just been introduced to the market then. Charles Watry, a major in the American Navy who was temporarily stationed with the British Navy in London, read this article and was immediately captivated. He ordered his Twin-Cam from the renowned MG dealer University Motors in London. Knowing that he, eventually, will take his MG with him to the United States, he ordered the car with left-hand drive. Even though the factory wanted to deliver only right-hand drive cars in England, fortunately they made an exception for the major. On August 8, 1959 the MG was delivered to him with British license plates. Watry immediately joined no fewer than 5 autoclubs which enabled him to realize his great passion; taking part in club competitions. In 1959 he took part in the hill climb competition in Kent and in 1960 in the time trials in Snetterton.

From New York to California

In 1960 Watry and his family returned to the United States. The MG was shipped to New York and after the car had been unloaded Watry got behind the steering wheel and drove the car to his house in California. This journey of 5,000 km must have been an adventure in itself. And, also in the United States the major took part in numerous races and with success; especially in SCCA races in Texas such as the races in Fort Worth, Galveston and Brian in 1961. On the Willow Springs Circuit, he was present with his Twin-Cam as well.

Genuine patina and imperfection are the beauty of this Twin-Cam

In 1988 at the age of 65 Watry gave the Twin-Cam to his son as a present, who after owning it for 23 years sold it in 2011. At the beginning of this year the MG made another journey across the ocean, this time to the Netherlands. The car has been thoroughly overhauled technically and made ready to drive and was registered in The Netherlands. It goes without saying that the thought of restoring the bodywork never crossed our mind. Do not let surface rust and pant chips divert your attention, the genuine patina and the imperfections of the bodywork acquired in a lifetime are in fact what constitutes the beauty and character of this Twin-Cam.

Besides race driver the major was also an avid collector

It is not only the MG-A that belonged to the Watry family for more than fifty years, but also the accompanying dossier. In addition to being a passionate participant in club competitions, Watry also was an avid collector of everything that had ever been written over the MG-A Twin-Cam. The dossier consists of files, letters and documents. Almost everything that had anything to do with his MG-A has been filed; folders, magazines, service log books, parts catalogues, workshop manuals etc. Even the edition of Road & Track from 1958 that made him buy the car, has been kept, just like the purchase invoice for the car from Universal Motors in London. Apart from that, the dossier also contains innumerable invitations for races, badges, entry tickets, maps and race reports. The annual US registration cards have also been saved. With this dossier the history of this MG-A and the major will continue to exist. It is inseparable from the car; it is part of its soul.


This MG-A Twin-Cam came from the factory with a 4.55:1 differential, rare 15” steel Dunlop wheels with central wheel nuts, disc brakes front and rear and a heater4 . The racing lap belts and roll-bar were fitted in the 1960s in order to be allowed to participate in competitions. The MG-A comes with a Brooklands Aeroscreen in addition to the standard windscreen.

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