Price SOLD
Year of manufacture 1955
Mileage 72,566 km
VAT Not refundable 
Body style Off-road vehicle
Exterior Colour Grey
Interior Colour Blue
Engine 2.0 litre, 4-cylinder
Engine power 52 hp / 38 kW
Transmission Manual
Fuel Petrol


• First registered in The Netherlands
• Unique technical and visual condition
• Fully restored
• Was originally a milk transportation car in the province of Groningen

On July 20, 1955 this Land Rover Series 1 left the showroom of the dealer in Groningen. It is unique that this car is in at least as good a condition as it was back then. In order to achieve this condition the Land Rover was restored with utmost attention to detail. This Series 1 started its long existence as a milk car in the province of Groningen. The maximum authorised mass indicated with the original license number was 4000 kg, an exceptionally high weight for a relatively small car. It is questionable if the car could stop within a short distance with all that weight on board.

After its career as milk car the Land Rover came into the possession of an enthusiast, who converted the truck cab and fitted it with the hard top the car still has. By the way, the hard top is very easy to disassemble so that the car can be enjoyed without a top. After a number of different owners the Land Rover came into the possession of the next to last owner, who realised its potential and unique history and decided that it was worth restoring. The restoration was done with no expense or effort spared. In the beginning of 2019 this unique Land Rover Series 1 joined the selection at Brooks Classics where it was welcomed with great enthusiasm. What a fun and unique car!

This off-road vehicle is capable of everything. Bravely it stands its ground, both on and off the road. With a firm push on the lever the four-wheel drive is activated. If the low gearing is then also switched on, this small Land Rover can get out of any precarious situation. On the road it is of course not comparable to a modern Land Rover. Driving this car is perfect fun. However, bear in mind that it has a limited top speed of about 75 km/h and that it produces a lot of noise. None of this, however, undermines the enormous driving pleasure this car offers. The almost touching appearance of this wonderful Land Rover Series 1 puts a smile on the face of anyone who sees it driving by.

We would like to invite you to get to know this unique and originally Dutch Land Rover Series 1. Please make an appointment with Ruurt Georg, e-mail, telephone number 0031 30 8507500

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