Ferrari Dino 208 GT4 / 1977

• One of only 820 Ferrari Dino 208 GT4 produced
• Low mileage (20,975 km), completely restored (Kroymans Ferrari) and excellently maintained
• Wonderful and rare original Ferrari colour combination
• Smallest V8 (1,991 cc) ever produced for a serial car
• Only Ferrari designed by Bertone (Marcello Gandini)
• Last Ferrari named Dino


This is a sublimely beautiful and pure Ferrari Dino 208 GT4 in the both stylish and rare colour Azzuro Mettallizato. The Dino GT4 is Ferrari’s only serial car designed by the famous coachbuilder Bertone. The groundbreaking design of the Dino GT4 was created by the legendary Marcello Gandini, the same man who was also responsible for eccentric cars like the Lamborghini’s Miura, Countach and Diablo and the iconic Lancia Stratos.

With the Dino GT4 Gandini in 1973 delivered a radical design. The Dino is characterized by sharp, clean-cut lines which were typical for the famous ‘space age’ era. The Dino GT4 is also Ferrari’s first serial car with a V8 mid-engine and therefore in fact the forefather of many Ferrari V8 models that followed and is one of the few four-seaters fitted with a mid-engine, a unique concept.

Why did Enzo Ferrari start building a Dino 208 GT4 alongside the Dino 308 GT4 in 1975? Because from then on in Italy cars with an engine capacity of more than 2000 cc were suddenly subject to an extra tax. For the same reason Lamborghini and Maserati built two-litre versions of the Urraco and Merak respectively as well. Exclusively for the Italian market Ferrari had built only a little more than 800 Dino GT4 when in 1980 this “tax evader” was replaced by the 208 GTB, the two-litre version of Pininfarina’s 308.

This Dino

The DINOF106KL13356 left the factory in Maranello on February 18, 1977 and was originally white (Bianco Polo Park). The Ferrari was purchased by its first (Italian) owner on June 30 of the same year. In the 1990s it was spray painted in red and then during a restoration Azzuro Mettallizato, an original Ferrari colour for the 1977 Dino GT4, was chosen. During a four year-long (2015 – 2020) bare-metal restoration the renowned Dutch Ferrari dealer Kroymans, commissioned by the last (Dutch) owner, completely restored the Dino. No expense or effort was spared to get the car into a top condition without losing the original patina. As a result, it is now one of the most beautiful Dino GT4s in the world. The whole restoration process, including the overhaul of engine and gearbox, bodywork, interior, clutch, air conditioning, brakes, the right badges, suspension, shock absorbers, wheels etc. is comprehensively documented. Since its completion in October 2019, the Dino has been driven only a few hundred kilometres.

Driving experience

Formula 1 racing legend Niki Lauda, who was a driver for the Italian racing team at the time, was closely involved in the development of the Dino GT4. It is therefore no wonder that the model also excels in terms of driving characteristics. The driving experience this Ferrari offers was (and still is) praised by everybody and can be called downright spectacular even today. The seating position and the way the interior is actually built around the driver bears the most resemblance to the advanced cockpit of a real Le Mans racing car.
The mechanical symphony of the 2.0 litre 8-cylinder engine with double overhead camshafts and four double Weber carburettors is a true delight for all senses. The way gearbox, chassis and steering complement each other makes this Ferrari the genuine and pure driver’s car that immediately puts a shine to the eyes of many car afficionado’s.

Experience it yourself?

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