Price € 64,800.-
Year of manufacture 1990
Mileage 63,835 km
VAT Not refundable 
Body style Coupé
Exterior Colour Nero
Interior Colour Nero
Engine 3.4 litre, V8
Engine power 300 hp
Transmission Manual
Fuel Petrol

1990 FERRARI 348 TB

• Gorgeous early Ferrari 348
• Comprehensive service history
• Complete documentation with pictures and receipts; service books available
• Verifiable low mileage

The Ferrari 348 was the completely redesigned successor of the Ferrari’s 308 and 328. The car was introduced in 1989 and constituted the beginning of a new era. The transversally mounted engine of the 328 was replaced by a longitudinal 3,4 litre V8 in a completely new frame. Because of this, the car’s performance level was substantially higher compared to its predecessor and there was a lot more space inside the car, which meant that tall drivers could enjoy the V8 Ferrari as well. The coolant radiators were relocated to the sides and the 348 was fitted with air intakes and outlets in Testarossa style. Pininfarina was responsible for the wonderful proportions of the car; the 348 immediately became a hit.

After the F355 had been introduced the 348 with its typical “nineties styling” became less popular for a while. But now, 30 years after the car had originally been introduced, this styling makes it even more attractive. Anyone who has experienced the 80s will feel a little bit “Sonny Crocket” when he touches the door with the slatted air intakes. Step over the large doorsill and take a seat in the comfortable bucket seat. You will find yourself in a simple, spacious interior with a 3-spoke sport steering wheel and a traditional chrome gear lever in a gated shifter plate. Instruments with red digits on a black background complete the whole experience; this is pure Ferrari as it used to be. And then, when at last the ignition key is turned….it is pure magic!

On the road it becomes obvious that this Ferrari is the bridge between past and modern times. Although the 348 has a stiff and modern chassis it is not equipped with power steering or a traction control system. Mistakes are punished immediately and it is hard work to get the best out of this car.

And that is exactly why the whole driving experience is so special in this time of automatically driving computers on wheels. The weight of the gear stick and the metallic ‘click’ every time you change gear, the manual and therefore extremely precise brakes, the condition of the road’s surface that translates one-to-one through the steering wheel and – the icing on the cake – the unparalleled mechanic symphony of the aluminium V8. What you put in as a driver you get back twice in pure and unfiltered experiences and emotions. And that is precisely the purpose of a classic Ferrari.

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