Price € 89,800.-
Year of manufacture 2013
Mileage 71,787  km
VAT Not refundable 
Body style Coupé
Colour Hallmark Silver
Interior Burnt Oak
Engine 4.0 litre, V8
Engine power 507 hp / 373 kw
Transmission Automatic
Fuel Petrol

2013 Bentley Continental GT V8 Mulliner

• Exclusive and elegant Mulliner specification
• Fitted with the popular and sophisticated 4.0 V8 engine
• Impressive and stylish colour combination

Legends in Racing

Bentley – a brand that is known for its many starts at the 24 Hours of Le Mans since World War I. More than once Bentley has claimed victory in this prestigious race. They won this race for the first time in 1924 and then in three consecutive years from 1927 to 1930. Walter Owen Bentley, the founder of the brand, had a clear reason why to participate in racing. Being on the front page of the papers led to publicity, an increase in sales figures and most important of all ensured the establishment of the Bentley brand name.

Apart from race cars Bentley has always also developed sports cars that can be driven on public roads. The first Grand Tourer was the Bentley 3-Litre, developed in 1919. Using the metric system in the name of the car was a hint at Bentley´s ambition to produce a car that could drive on all continents. Many think that the 8-Litre introduced in 1930 is Walter Bentley´s masterpiece. The car was so powerful that 100 miles per hour could easily be reached regardless of the chassis the owner had chosen. For that time this was an amazing performance.

Takeover by Rolls Royce

After Bentley had been taken over by Rolls Royce in 1931 it had more than enough financial resources to ensure the company´s survival. The cooperation with its former competitor resulted in the improvement of quality and the simpler handling of its models. The last Grand Tourer developed under the control of Rolls Royce was the Continental R which was launched in 1991. The Continental T with its more powerful engine and the shorter wheel base was an even faster version of it.

The Continental GT

After taking over the company, the Volkswagen Group with its very innovative Bentley Continental GT not only reinvented the Grand Tourer but also the brand Bentley. The big coupé was initially fitted with the magic 6.0 W12, an engine which could also be found in other cars of the Volkswagen Group. Many praised this engine because of its fantastic performance; the car could cruise on highways with both utmost comfort and at very high speeds. The only disadvantage of it was, that the enormous engine made the car very heavy. After the facelift of the Continental GT in 2011 it was therefore decided to also build the car with a lighter 4.0 V8. And indeed, in 2012 the Continental GT came on the market with the 500hp V8 engine.

This specific car

This Bentley is an original German car (first delivery by Bentley Hamburg) and has been customized with a refined taste. Its first owner chose the elegant, distinguished Mulliner Driving Specification in the colour ‘Hallmark Silver’ with an exclusive full leather interior in ‘Burnt Oak’ and the special 21-inch rims that are exclusively reserved for ‘Mulliner’ Continentals. What makes a Bentley a Bentley is the finish; which is truly phenomenal, with utmost attention to detail, far outstripping the competition – if you can call it competition at all.

This car is a second-generation Continental GT, with the sophisticated 4.0 V8 engine with 507 hp. After some 6500 km, the car was brought to The Netherlands by Bentley Leusden. The Bentley has a conclusive service history and guarantees many more miles of pure driving pleasure.

We would like to invite you to get to know this beautiful and elegant Bentley Continental GT and its phantastic driving characteristics. Please make an appointment with Harm Derks in advance, e-mail, telephone number 0031 30 8507500

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