Price SOLD
Year of manufacture 2000
Mileage 42,900 km
VAT Not refundable 
Body style Coupé
Exterior Colour Galloway Green
Interior Colour Parchment
Engine 5.9 litre, V12
Engine power 417 hp / 307 kW
Transmission Manual 6 speed Tremec T-56
Fuel Petrol


• Rare and much sought-after manual version
• Perfectly main-dealer serviced, service history available
• Marvellous colour combination Galloway Green / Parchment
• Excellent technical and cosmetic condition

This Aston Martin DB7 Vantage manual from 2000 absolutely is, without question, a feast for the eyes. The fantastic lines of its timeless design seem to become even more beautiful with the years. And then there is the awesome combination of a 5.9 V12 with a manual transmission, a real joy to drive!

The Aston Martin DB7 was unveiled in 1993. With this magnificent design the British designer Ian Callum has excelled himself. Initially the DB7 was available with a brand new 6-cylinder inline engine only. In 1999 some important improvements were made and the DB7 received the addition Vantage in its type designation. As one of the technical improvements the car was fitted with the popular 5.9 V12 engine, which increased the engine power to 417 hp and made the car capable of an impressive performance. Since its introduction the DB7 Vantage has been the most popular model amongst car enthusiasts and collectors. For the real sporty drivers a manual version was available. These are, however, the rarest and therefore the most sought-after by collectors.

The car offered for sale by Brooks Classics is one of the rare Aston Martin DB7’s Vantage with a manual transmission. It really is in top condition. The car was delivered to its first owner by the Aston Martin dealer in Tisselt / Willebroek in Belgium. In 2007 it got a Dutch license plate but, which is exceptional, remained being serviced by the same dealer in Belgium. The car has always been owned by an aficionado, which can be seen, among other things, by its beautiful cosmetic and technical condition. The DB7 Vantage has not done a lot of miles, as the fully documented maintenance history shows; more than anything it is a car to enjoy and to take out for a delightful ride in the weekends.

Service history

March 3, 2000 pre-delivery service at 20 km at Aston Martin Tisselt/Willebroek

April 11, 2000 maintenance service at 1,900 km at Aston Martin Tisselt/Willebroek
March 3, 2002 maintenance service at 10,000 km at Aston Martin Tisselt/Willebroek

Nov. 6, 2002 maintenance service at 12,500 km at Aston martin Tisselt/Willebroek

Feb. 11, 2004 maintenance service at 13,611 km at Aston Martin Tisselt/Willebroek

June 21, 2007 maintenance service at 19,514 km at Aston Martin Tisselt/Willebroek

Nov. 5, 2009 maintenance service at 27,297 km at Aston Martin Tisselt/Willebroek

Dec. 20, 2002 maintenance service at 32,926 km at Aston Martin Tisselt/Willebroek

Jan. 7, 2014 maintenance service at 36,389 km at Aston Martin Tisselt/Willebroek

March 13, 2015 maintenance service at 38,405 km at Kroymans Aston Martin Hilversum

May 29, 2019 maintenance service at 40,888 km at Kroymans Aston Martin Hilversum

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