Price SOLD
Year of manufacture 2003
Mileage 45,048 km
VAT Not refundable 
Body style Coupé
Exterior Colour British Racing Green
Interior Colour Dark Tan
Engine 5.9 litre, V12
Engine power 420 hp / 307 kW
Transmission Automatic
Fuel Petrol


• Unique and rare GTA version
• Only 112 cars built in total
• First Prize Winner 2021 Aston Martin Owners Club Bloxham Virtual Competition
• Excellent technical and cosmetic condition
• Elegant colour combination British Racing Green / Dark Tan

There are cars that become even more beautiful over the years and the Aston Martin DB7 is definitely one of them. This classic but also stylish Brit succeeds in capturing the hearts of many a classic car aficionado more and more often. It seems as if the DB7’s timeless beauty increases as the model becomes older. In 2002, when the DB7 had nearly reached the end of its life cycle, Aston Martin introduced a new and actually the sportiest version – the GT/GTA.

In the Aston Martin DB7 GT the engine power was increased from 420 hp to 435 hp. Adjustments to the frame resulted in a 20% stiffer chassis. Modifications to the exhaust ensured a more sporty sound and the new Brembo brakes got the car to a complete standstill a lot faster then the standard brakes of the DB7 Vantage. In order to achieve better stability at high speed a number of adjustments have been made to the car’s exterior. The upward pressure on the car was decreased 50% by, among other things, the spoiler integrated in the boot lid. A GT can also be recognised by the two power-domes with ventilation grills in the bonnet, the pronounced grill with the distinct mesh wire and the unique lightweight 5-spoke rims. The result of all these adjustments is, that the GT has a much better road holding and much tighter steering than the DB7 Vantage and with that the GT has become a real gentleman’s sports car.

With all the modifications carried out on the exterior of the car the interior had could not be left behind. The GT can be recognised by the significantly improved sport seats with the GT logo, the dark oak finish and the light aluminium finish of the switches in the centre console.

The Aston Martin offered for sale at Brooks Classics is one of the rare GTA’s. The GTA has all the improvements of the chassis, the aerodynamics and the interior of the GT but is equipped with the well-known ZF Touchtronic 5-speed automatic transmission, which also allows shifting manually at the steering wheel. The engine power of the GTA is a little lower – 420 hp instead of the 435hp of the GT.

Among connoisseurs the GT and the GTA are the most sought-after versions of the DB7, whereby the GTA scores just a little bit higher partly because only 112 GTA’s have been produced (52 of them LHD) whereas of the GT 190 cars were built. The price development of these limited editions clearly confirms this.

This car is in an excellent technical and cosmetic condition. According to the Aston Martin Heritage Trust this car is the only DB7 GTA in the exquisite and stylish colour combination British Racing Green and Dark Tan. The 19-inch rims, an ex-factory option, complete the sporty look of the DB7 GTA. The car was first registered in Italy and came to The Netherlands in 2015. In The Netherlands the car has always had the same owner who has spared no effort or expense to keep the car in top condition. The car has always been serviced at the Aston Martin dealer Kroymans in Hilversum; all invoices are available. At 44.990 the car has had its last maintenance service and is therefore ready to be enjoyed for many more miles.

We would like to invite you to get to have a closer look at the beauty of this sporty and unique Aston Martin DB7 GTA. Please make an appointment with Mang Yuan, e-mail or Harm Derks, e-mail

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