Price € 74,900.-
Year of manufacture 1969
Mileage 58,558 mi
VAT Not refundable 
Body style Fixed Head Coupé
Colour Pale Primrose Yellow
Interior Black leather
Engine 4.2 litre, inline 6-cylinder
Engine power 246 hp / 154 kW
Transmission Manual
Fuel Petrol


• E-Type from the penultimate production year fitting 6-cylinder engines
• Matching numbers
• Superb technical and visual condition
• Rare steel rims, at that time an option at an additional cost
• Has a Heritage Certificate

The Jaguar E-Type is a classic car that hardly needs any introduction. It is legendary. An Icon. If even Enzo Ferrari called it ‘the most beautiful car ever built’ you know the car is good. Moreover, the E-Type’s performance was as sensational as its design: with a maximum speed of 240 km/h it was the world’s fastest production car. It is exactly 60 years ago that the E-Type was introduced at the Geneva International Motor Show. The car was so immensely popular that the factory could not cope with the demand. The first six months the entire production went to the USA; only a few cars were delivered to celebrities in Europe.

Brooks Classics proudly presents this Jaguar E-Type Coupé in the original and beautiful colour combination Pale Primrose Yellow with a harmoniously contrasting black leather interior. This beauty, a “Fixed Head Coupé’ (FHC), was built in 1969, the penultimate production year of E-Types that were fitted with a 6-cylinder engine.


This car is an English gentleman with American genes. The Jaguar was delivered new to New York, United States, and it has been part of the American street scene for nearly 30 years. In 1997 the E-Type returned to Europe, where it has been restored to its former beauty.


The bodywork is of very high quality with perfect panel gaps at the bonnet, boot and doors. The Primrose Yellow paintwork, so characteristic of the 1970s, is superb, brilliantly done in the original tint and with an exceptionally good and even paint structure. Once the driver has taken his seat, the louvres in the bonnet allow him to enjoy a limited but oh so beautiful view of the technology hidden underneath. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise: the steel rims with hub caps that this E-Type is fitted with, are really genuine originals. At that time buyers of a Series 2 E-Type could choose this wheel option at an additional cost.


The very original and excellently preserved interior was restored to mint condition with due care, keeping the authentic details and the pure character. Speaking of which: what about the view on the powerbulge on the bonnet; the beautiful dashboard with the typical round Smiths meters with black dial faces which are keeping the driver informed about rpm, speed, oil pressure, water temperature, voltage and fuel level; the way the wonderfully upholstered headliner kind of folds around you and ends in a practical third door. It all feels familiar. And more important than anything else: it is typical E-Type.


Although the body shape is basically the same as that of the original two-seat coupé, compared to Series I a number of necessary technical adjustments and improvements have been carried out; including improved braking and cooling systems. The interior was slightly adjusted in order to offer passengers more protection and the headlights were fitted without the glass cover to improve light output and eliminate stray light. However, the exterior features of the E-Type that make up the gorgeous design for which the model has been praised since its introduction in 1961 are still there.

The drive

Even for the most spoilt car aficionados driving an E-Type remains a magic experience. Just looking at the stylish coupé makes your mouth water. Open the door with the elegant small handle, move your leg over the wide doorstep underneath the steering wheel and let yourself glide into the bucket seat. Insert the key, wait till the ticking of the fuel pump has stopped and the system has built up pressure. Open the choke a little bit, turn the key a little further and the fantastic 6-cylinder in-line engine comes to life with a deep ruffle.

And then you will notice some differences compared to the earlier models. The completely synchronized gearbox for example makes shifting easier than it was with the earlier ‘MOSS’ gearbox. The breaks bite more forcefully and are better power assisted, two electric fans ensure that engine temperature remains stable even in traffic jams, and the car is easier to steer and handle. The 4.2 provides even more torque at low rpm leading to a less rough, more refined driving experience than with the earlier 3.8 models. The performance is, by the way, as sensational as ever. What an incredibly fast and capable car an E-Type is! It is unprecedented how Jaguar was able to combine style and performance like no one else. A true masterpiece!


Although most of the restoration work has been done, there are some final details that have to be completed. However, we do not want to withhold this beautiful and rare car from you and therefore you are welcome to admire this beautiful E-type and get all the additional information. Please make an appointment with Mang Yuan, e-mail or Harm Derks, e-mail

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